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My name is Luna, I am a fourth generation witch, I primarily focus on healing and enhancing my clients’ lives.   

I am humbled by the many people who reach out; however, I must implore you, if you are seeking a card reading, please do not tell me anything about you or your situation. I pride myself in providing an authentic experience and I can only do so if I have zero knowledge, to the exception of your full name and date of birth.

All of our items are carefully selected, such as our Herbs, Roots, Powder & Flowers, as well as our Whole Leaf Teas. Everything else is artisanally crafted, in which I pour positive energy, love and magick into each product. Also, there are over 40 years of experience behind our spell work and card reading services.

We are located in Las Vegas, NV. If you are local or find yourself in town, please reach out to make an appointment to: consult@bluemoondivinemagick.com

Some of the services we provide are: Home Cleansings, Magick Washes/Personal Cleansings, Card Readings (we specialize in the Spanish deck), Amulets, Magick Spell work (protection, love, wealth, etc), Spiritual Consultations (closely related to therapy), Enchanted Fragrances, and so much more. 

If you are in need of anything specific, please send us an email to: consult@bluemoondivinemagick.com 

Blessed be!